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18 Μarch 2017 - International Mobilization Against Racism and Fascism, Athens, Omonoia 3 pm Featured

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The millions who demonstrated against Trump are just the beginning!
Rise up
against Fortress Europe,
Crush the neo-Nazis!

Over five million were the demonstrators who flooded Washington streets, tens of cities in the US and all around the planet the day of Trump inauguration in response to the attacks of the new “leader of the world”, to racism, sexism, war (commercial and military), to a government full of bankers and generals.
It was the biggest global rally after February 15, 2003, when we all went out in the streets against the war in Iraq. This storm against Trump gives us strength to struggle and win everywhere.


  • To stop the far right who expect to get fair winds and to lead to the defeat of Le Pen in France, Wilders in Holland, Petry in Germany. The extreme right in Europe has had the audacity to call an international meeting on the day of Trump inauguration in Koblenz, Germany, but thousands of demonstrators besieged the leaders of the fascists.
  • To fight against racist Fortress Europe, which with the fences, closed borders, the shameful EU-Turkey condemns to death thousands of refugees and those who escape closes in concentration camps. Against the Europe of the "State of Siege", of war and Islamophobia.
  • On March 18 movements around the globe are rising up and demonstrating: in London, Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Zurich, Warsaw, Barcelona, Nicosia, New York, Sydney, Toronto, Seoul and many other cities.
  • Together with them the possibility opens to fight with renewed vigor against the adjustment of the SYRIZA-ANEL government to the racist policies of the EU.
  • To crush the shameful EU-Turkey agreement, opening the borders to all refugees, stopping deportations and eliminating concentration camps. Asylum and shelter to refugees who are welcome.
  • To have all refugee children go to schools, to let all refugees from the islands and camps come into towns, to have human housing.
  • To imprison the killers of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. No tolerance to attacks by "indignant residents", no cover-up by the Police, like they abetted Lagos to invade in the Perama school.

After meeting in ESHEA on 13/1 with the participation of trade unions, Immigrant Integration Councils, municipal movements, immigrant communities, refugees from the camps and the occupations, students from higher and secondary education, people of literature and the arts, all are moving everywhere to put into practice the call of Congress of ADEDY (public employees confederation), for mass rallies on March 18 at Omonoia and other cities.
It is time to move everywhere united so that the neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, universities, culture and sport arenas in neighborhoods are made into bases against racism and the fascist threat.

Athens, Omonoia 3PM

Calling: ADEDY, Unions, refugees, migrant communities, municipal movements, antiracist movements, Immigrant Integration Councils, Roma Associations, student societies, LGBTQ +, women's groups, disabled movements, people of art and literature

KEERFA Movement United Against Racism and Fascist Threat
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • www.antiracismfascism.org • 6932828964 • 2103232871

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