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Program of International Meeting and Pan-Hellenic Assembly against Racism and Fascism, 14-15 October,Athens Featured

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Program of International Meeting and Pan-Hellenic Assembly against Racism and Fascism, 14-15 October, in-doors Basketball court Rouf

Saturday 14/10
12.00-13.00. Arrivals-Reception
13.00-15.30. How do we continue the battle against fascism?
Maria Kaskarika, mother of student Alexis Lazaris
Christine Buchholz, Aufstehen gegen Rassismus, MP of Die Linke
Konstantina Kuneva, MEP
Vanina Giudicelli, NPA France
Kostas Mantaios, Chairperson of the SFEA (Association of Imprisoned and Exiled by Greek Junta)
Marios Soussis, Chairperson of the Association of Holocaust Victims Descendants
Katerina Thoidou, Municipal Councilor Nikaia-Renti
Panagiotis Kalfagiannis, President of POSPERT (Federation of Public Radio-Television employees)
Petros Konstantinou, coordinator KEERFA, city ​​councilor of Athens

16.00-18.30. Resistance to racism, Islamophobia, concentration camps
Weyman Benett, Stand Up to Racism, UAF (United Against Fascism), UK
Giorgos Tsiakalos, university student
Javied Aslam, president of Pakistan Community of Greece "Unity"
Yannis Sifakakis, ANTARSYA Central Coordinating Committee
Argyri Erotokritou, Intern Doctor at Genimatas hospital
Steve Sedar,  Catalonia
Lauretta Macauley, Organization of United Women African Women

19.00-20.00 The Golden Dawn trial
Speakers from the Civil Action at the GD trial
Dimitris Zotos, Thanasis Kampagiannis, Kostas Papadakis

20.30-21.00. Resolutions of the Pan-Hellenic Assembly
21.00-23.00. Live African music, food

Sunday 15 / 10.

11.00-14.00. International Meeting, action initiatives

Thousands of people flooded Syntagma  Square on September 16th, and headed for the headquarters of the Golden Dawn, demanding that the Neo-Nazi lair of murderers be closed on the 4-year anniversary since the assassination of Pavlos Fyssas.Employees, university and secondary education students, migrants, people of the left and of the movements have shown that we are joining together and marching ahead.



The Golden Dawn trial enters the final stage and we showed that we can crush them.The International Meeting and the Pan-Hellenic Assembly against Racism and Fascism on 14-15 October is the next stop. There will be activists from all over Greece, but also from the USA, Germany, France, Britain, Catalonia, Austria and other countries to discuss and organize the new battles together.

The battle in Greece against the neo-Nazis inspires activists around the world, as everywhere the fascist threat has emerged. But at the same time, a new massive anti-fascist movement strengthens at Trump’s America, the EU of Merkel, Macron, and May.In 2017, with the inauguration of Trump, as well as the hysterical screams of Islamophobia in Europe, the far-right attempted to regulate developments everywhere. Heather's murder in the US has highlighted the depth of the fascist threat. They may not have achieved their targets in Europe because of resistance, but the threat remains in Austria and the Netherlands.

It is fed by the racist policies of EU-fortress, of closed borders, of concentration camps, that have drowned thousands of refugees on the altar of EU agreements with Turkey and Libya. The imperialist interventions in Middle East and Afghanistan are strengthening it. Islamophobia shows its horrible face with the Rohingya people massacre in Myanmar and the hunting of migrants across Europe.

The elections in Germany showed how deep the political crisis of the traditional parties is and the popular dissatisfaction. Merkel, with a racist agenda, sank, while fueling the rise of the far-right AfD. The anti-fascist movement came out on the first night in the streets.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government, with Muzala's compromises, has turned its back on the solidarity movement to the refugees, and with persistence in the memorandums it sows the disappointment. Toskas ignored the will of the majority of the people and again sent the MATs (riot police) to protect with a Hellenic Police barrage the neo-Nazi offices on September 16th.

The rally on September 16 was a power river, with thousands of workers, young people from universities and schools. Thousands of migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, angry at the massacres in Rohingya, took part. They were the same people that came out to the anti-fascist rallies at Aspropyrgos and Menidi, but also to the strikes of the migrants spreading from Manolada to the K.Georgiou factory.

The year was filled with vigorous mobilizations, with that on March 18th, bringing refugees from the Muzala's camps to the road and thousands of solidarity alongside.

KEERFA has made a decisive contribution to the strengthening of this movement and its unifying operation, supporting the campaign for the trial and conviction of the Golden Dawn, the organization and resistance of the refugees in the camps, the battles against the fascists at Aspropyrgos, Menidi and Ampelokipi with the murderous attempt against student Alexis Lazaris, the solidarity in the strikes.

We call on the activists of anti-fascist and anti-racist movements, trade unions, student associations, municipal community movements, refugee solidarity movements, LGTBQI movements, women, the disabled, migrant communities, left-wing organizations to participate in the International Meeting and the Pan-Hellenic Assembly on 14-15 October. In order to organize together the campaign to convict the neo-Nazis and to close their offices-lairs of assault, the solidarity to refugees and migrants. To keep the road of hope open and close the door to fascism in Greece, Europe and America.All of us together, to crush neo-Nazis and racism!

How to get there
METRO (line 3): KERAMEIKOS, ISAP (metro line 1): PETRALONA, SUBURBAN Rail: ROUF, BUS: B18, G18, 049, 914, 838, 815, TROLLEY: 21, stop: Kolymvitirio (Swimming Pool)


Sign up and send email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
by completing the following application
aid price of € 5 NATIONAL BANK 167 / 470832-65, IBAN GR78 0110 1670 0000 1674 7083 265   SWIFT code ETHNGRAA
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