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Thursday, 19 December 2019 19:59

Antifascist demonstration, Saturday 21st of December, Athens, Propylaia 2pm, Thessaloniki, Kamara 2pm No to the state prosecutor's proposal for the acquittal of the Golden Dawn. Prison for the Neo-Nazi assassins.

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poster 21D eisaggeleas webAntifascist demonstration, Saturday 21st of December, Athens, Propylaia 2pm, Thsessaloniki, Kamara 2pm

No to the state prosecutor's proposal for the acquittal of the Golden Dawn. Prison for the Neo-Nazi assassins.

Demonstration called by: KEERFA (Movement United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat), Egyptian fishermen's lawyers in the Golden Dawn trial, Pakistani Community of Greece "Unity", Muslim Community of Greece, Egyptian Community, unions, and collectives.

The prosecutor's proposal in the Golden Dawn trial in support of acquitting the Golden Dawn neo-Nazis from the charge of running and joining a criminal organization is a scandalous concealment of neo-Nazis' murderous attacks. It is a pardon for their crimes.
It revealed the unbreakable and long-standing bonds of protection and immunity Golden Dawn receives by the state and it's access to the prosecution, the judiciary and the police.
But it has also brought to light the tactics of the New Democracy government itself, which is trying to bring Golden Dawn back into the political arena in conditions where it is openly playing the card of racism and "law and order."
The proposal to only condemn Rupakias (the murderer of Pavlos Fyssas) and acquit all of the assault squads and collaborators launched by the local Golden Dawn offices in Nikaia is a scandalous attempt to cover up the neo-Nazis' murderous activities.  It lets off the hook also the Golden Dawn leadership by disregarding the evidence of communications on the night of the Fyssas assassination between local Golden Dawn boss Lagos( now EMP)  and the leader of Golden Dawn Michaloliakos. Correspondingly, the prosecutor suggested that the neo-nazis should be let off lightly for the brutal and murderous attacks on the Egyptian fishermen by converting the charge of attempted homicide into serious intentional bodily harm! The same approach of downgrading of the charges was also followed regarding the murderous attacks on the communist trade unionists of PAME.

The possible adoption of the prosecution's proposal by the court will transform the trial into the largest white-washing of Nazi crimes since  the trial of Nuremberg. It will be a step in the legalization of murderous fascist violence and the scandalous cooperation of Golden Dawn and the Greek Police, paving the way for fascists to return to the streets again, taking advantage of the racist campaign of the New Democracy government.

The anti-fascist movement fought to bring Michaloliakos' neo-Nazis into the stand, to put an end to the onslaught of raids from their offices, we succeded to kick them out of the parliament. It is time to step up action to prevent the neo-Nazis from being let off lightly.
The major international mobilization on March 21 against racism and fascism is ahead. Until then, we will be constantly besieging the courthouse so they feel the rage and power of the great democratic majority, to shut down any attempt of the government and state apparatus to bring the nazis back to the streets and into the political life and so that the murderers go to jail.
We start on Saturday December 21st with immediate mobilizations and we will besiege the Court until the day of the conviction!

Donate to KEERFA, NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE, 167/470832-65,IBAN GR78 0110 1670 0000 1674 7083 265 SWIFT ETHNGRAA.



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